Weekly Winners from 13 Countries

The following players have won $1 this week. Congrats and keep playing!!!!

guest40435 from Colombo, Sri Lanka
agirl from Edmonton, Canada
guest40439 from Armilla, Spain
feusebio3 from Cabatuan, Philippines
latharaju from Visakhapatnam, India
thabeast from Upland, United States
Alex Kinney from San Angelo, United States
satyabrat ram tripathi from Mumbai, India
Denise Thompson from Kearns, United States
nikkiboo193 from , United States
d.smith0826 from Scranton, United States
Isaac53t3 from Pleasant Grove, United States
josully3 from Louisburg, United States
guest31520 from Santa Ana, United States
Jason Nedimyer from Altoona, United States
JoelB from Watford, United Kingdom
Missy666 from Jeannette, United States
bhavesh from Mumbai, India
mark antoni from Worthing, United Kingdom
vasquishy from Guernsey, United States
farhana from Jakarta, Indonesia
Emmanuel from Lyon, France
guest40420 from Charlotte, United States
guest40410 from Pomona, United States
Erluca from Viareggio, Italy
Erluca from Capannori, Italy
Neababy1987 from Atlanta, United States
cierra92 from Jacksonville, United States
guest40375 from Hancock, United States
smc0107bfc from Pleasant Hill, United States
saimon1985 from Chişinău, Moldova
giovyx93 from Palermo, Italy
guest40354 from Terrassa, Spain
Salvatore Magro from Palazzolo Acreide, Italy
Dante from Siliguri, India
Thomas Lee from Roanoke, United States
srlbcmab2 from Roseville, United States
lagravenisc from Hackettstown, United States
Luke Warren from Tavistock, United Kingdom
markm from Nashville, United States
netta78 from Cleveland, United States
stan from Newmarket, Canada
Wayne Yates from Wakefield, United Kingdom
kristin from Carlsbad, United States
pajtim from Skopje, Macedonia
Jackie Jenkins from Ferndale, United Kingdom
guest40372 from Madrid, Spain
cursingwords from El Paso, United States of America
natalia from London, United Kingdom
leleekspinner from Laredo, United States
kieuanh from tp. Đà Lạt, Vietnam

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