Weekly Winners from 12 Countries

The following players have won $1 this week. Congrats and keep playing!!!!

guest40282 from Miami,United States
Emmanuel from Lyon,France
guest40220 from Fergus Falls,United States
thewretched89 from Leland,United States
guest40346 from Liverpool,United Kingdom
Haw CL from Singapore,
master poophead from Indonesia,
guest40296 from Kansas City,United States
guest40238 from Fort Wayne,United States
Kathryn Marshall from Mesa,United States
susypinho from Rugby,United Kingdom
guest40293 from Kansas City,United States
jameslott246@gmail.com from Gaffney,United States
CunnieNo9 from Great Sankey,United Kingdom
guest40322 from Conway,United States
davidvictor from Farnborough,United Kingdom
Pam Maidment from Alton,United Kingdom
Riusaky Vera from Madrid,Spain
rcopey18 from Langdon Hills,United Kingdom
Septicism from Boca Raton,United States
shoka from Sankt-Peterburg,Russia
NaightMar from Russia,
Francis Saavedra from Davao City,Philippines
Dianadavid from Los Angeles,United States
guest40291 from Kansas City,United States
Austin11 from Blairsville,United States
guest40253 from Omaha,United States
ryry16 from Syracuse,United States
guest40295 from Kansas City,United States
guest31520 from Santa Ana,United States
Wayne Yates from Wakefield,United Kingdom
Richard Webb from Rochdale,United Kingdom
guest39658 from Rabat,Morocco
Raelee Childers from Eureka,United States
mrprince01234 from India,
josielue from Providence,United States
swaroop4596 from Deshnok,India
akanke7 from Arlington,United States
Ahmad Sarsour from Tel Aviv,Israel
guest40242 from Walnut,United States
Erluca from Viareggio,Italy
dwi from Indonesia,
saimon1985 from Chişinău,Moldova
melissa975 from United States,Portland
lexi_alexus from Tulare,United States
Brungardt88 from Vancouver,United States
HerniRd from Indonesia,
dcs993 from Clay City,United States
RavenWolf from Ann Arbor,United States
guest40247 from Cagayan de Oro,Philippines

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