Weekly Winners from 15 Countries

The following players have won $1 this week. Congrats and keep playing!!!!

jayjaypri from Pittsburgh,United States
guest40141 from Novosibirsk,Russia
Marah from Boscobel,United States
selhatin from ,Netherlands
Ben Bulygo from San Jose,United States
guest40140 from Elk City,United States
mswatson1 from Grapeland,United States
KatarinaPetrova from Blythe,United States
farmerdrew from South Normanton,United States
Indy Harvey from United Kingdom,
BEAST_GAMEZZ from Bradford,United Kingdom
phil196 from Town Centre,United Kingdom
Robert Brann from Las Vegas,United States of America
nasia1301 from Palekastro,Greece
Lily from Redwood City,United States
Amblyn91 from Poca,United States
melissa975 from Portland,United States
embattles from Covert,United States
jetfire from Waltham Abbey,United Kingdom
garbo27 from Hartlepool,United Kingdom
.dj from Portland,United States
trouble01 from Columbia,United States
deseonuevo from Maracay,Venezuela
Sceion Hardy from Rockville,United States
welshbeaut from Newport,United Kingdom
Lesnyck from Chacarita,Costa Rica
Pol Caceci Autet from Den Haag,Netherlands
Erluca from Viareggio,Italy
tasha244 from Oklahoma City,United States
rizki pratama from ,United States
sunflower from Coeur d’Alene,Indonesia
saimon1985 from Chişinău,Moldova
kita246 from Leeds,United Kingdom
Liz Rourke from Delmont,United States
kiran@1 from Jagtial,India
guest39141 from Warwick,United States
asaf from Ordu,Turkey
guest40107 from ,Ukraine
bbsay from Fresno,United States
niyyaaanicole from Newburgh Heights,United States
bayu54 from Jakarta,Indonesia
guest40211 from ,Venezuela
Jason Nedimyer from Altoona,United States
Damian Dooley from ,United Kingdom
guest40210 from Tacoma,United States
juan2373 from Bello,Colombia
RumbleMoore from Lawrenceville,United States
Ahmad Sarsour from Tel Aviv,Israel
latharaju from Visakhapatnam,India
Tivertonhornet from Tiverton,United Kingdom

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