Weekly Winners

The following players have won $1 this week. Congrats and keep playing!!!!

Tamika from United States,
guest39976 from Or Yehuda, Israel
Laaiqah from Peterborough, United Kingdom
guest40050 from McMinnville, United States
Sara 19th from Pompano Beach, United States
Isaac53t3 from Pleasant Grove, United States
Adriana Santos from Itaparica, Brazil
Erluca from Viareggio, Italy
Mr Matt from Salt Lake City, United States
bmaltos from Greeley, United States
selena quintanilla from El Centro, United States
sathishamaran from Tiruppur, India
guest40052 from McMinnville, United States
nasia1301 from Palekastro, Greece
cosmo from Eaglesham, United Kingdom
guest40034 from India, Mumbai
jltee513 from San Jose, United States
michaeljvr from Vereeniging, South Africa
djenks22 from Frankfort, United States
Natasha Collins from Bristol, United Kingdom
pamelix13 from Bresso, Italy
Karen Amason from Ames, United States
guest39682 from Zevenbergen, Netherlands
Tuncay Kinli from London, United Kingdom
Al Is from Luton, United Kingdom
guest39983 from Singapore,
gguh from Northampton, United Kingdom
Matt Fiasco from Gatlinburg, United States
Jerry Harris II from Canton, United States
Tricia Fenn from Davenport, United States
Santino Altieri from Arcisate, Italy
Chantelle White from Worthing, United Kingdom
garbo27 from Hartlepool, United Kingdom
Dawn Wise from Baltimore, United States
Karlee Tyler from Sublimity, United States
oskitar from Madrid, Spain
Richard Webb from Rochdale, United Kingdom
Riusaky Vera from Madrid, Spain
pattyl from Davisburg, United States
EmBob0308 from London, United Kingdom
Mubashar Rafique from Lahore, Pakistan
Crystal Silva from Hanford, United States
oreo42 from Seminole, United States
guest40085 from Cheltenham, United Kingdom
danielled7 from Centerville, United States
guest39975 from United Kingdom,
sheeps24 from Ramsey, United Kingdom
Haw CL from Singapore,
Melissa Mendez from Tacoma, United States
rehjith from Thrissur, India

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