Weekly Winners

The following players have won $1 this week. Congrats and keep playing!!!!

R I C from Rhode Island USA

guest31610 from Oriental Morocco

casshs22 from California USA

guest31773 from California USA

Joe Garretto from New York USA

Rachael Jurawan from England United Kingdom

Paul 123v from Florida USA

Trev7077 from Kentucky USA

Trev7077 from Georgia USA

jorr from Miranda Venezuela

guest31520 from California USA

Valerie Lane from California USA

Alexis Laboissonniere from Connecticut USA

sevenking168 from Florida USA

likeazoo from California USA

Eric Swank from Pennsylvania USA

guest31562 from Andalucia Spain

Youssef Elbakali from Rabat-Salé-Zemmour-Zaër Morocco

guest31709 from North Carolina USA

rsinoiornr from Nevada USA

guest31821 from England United Kingdom

brittneeeyxxx from Connecticut USA

Teresa Taylor from Illinois USA

Ngọc Khánh Hồ from California USA

gvorce2001 from Texas USA

guest31758 from Tennessee USA

Sarah Manning from Jerusalem Israel

AngieBaby from Florida USA

lmb373 from Missouri USA

bhk2 from Illinois USA

snk123 from New York USA

the grass from Georgia USA

4musicarts from Tennessee USA

Shivapit2800 from Georgia USA

Dabay25 from Nevada USA

guest31595 from Louisiana USA

guest31738 from Iowa USA

jccarmona09 from Washington USA

Dawne Dorsey from Maryland USA

Brittany Chiaravallo from District of Columbia USA

Danica from Pennsylvania USA

g_meschelle from Virginia USA

isela1 from Texas USA

Shauna28 from Rhode Island USA

Yesenia Rodriguez from Arizona USA

Kevin Estes from Vermont USA

Lauren Gramage from Tennessee USA

tramfos from Pennsylvania USA

Samantha Black from Indiana USA

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