Weekly Winners

The following players have won $1 this week. Congrats and keep playing!!!!

M. Cruz of Colorado
K. Faunce of Maine
B. Jones of North Carolina
G. Johnson of Minnesota
S. Scorpion of California
mpowell417 of Tennessee
raebabe of Florida
F. Denton of Kansas
sdjohn90 of Illinois
4everDori of Oklahoma
Gp Ebk of Oklahoma
M. Bills of Texas
deelady of New York
R. Foster of California
danaca99 of California
A. Sudheimer of Missouri
D. Goodman of Oregon
mrthomposn60 of California
M.K. Lombardo of Tennessee
S. Butler of Washington
D. Ginger of Pennsylvania
DemocracyRep of New York
E. Marji of California
A. Amoroso of California
J. Lawson of New York
AWolfsWife of Indiana
beskgar of California
Adam of Mississippi
Funsize Marmar of Minnesota
C. Sammons of Michigan

and the following guests…….

20934 of Oklahoma
20818 of Oregon
18087 of South Carolina
20044 of Mississippi
17401 of Texas
21315 of Minnesota
21054 of Florida
20237 of Pennsylvania
11335 of Georgia
20919 of Iowa
21482 of Utah
20709 of Arizona

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